I hold a Ph.D. from the institute of condensed matter Physics of University of Technology in Chemnitz, Germany. As an experimentalist I initially focussed in electronic and structural properties, and specialized later in mechanical properties of sold surfaces. In my thesis I developed mainly indirect methodologies for mechanical surface characterization, and designed equipment and experiments to verify assumptions made by novel contact mechnanical models, developed at our institute.

    EXPERIENCE (Summary):

    Over 10 years experience developing mechatronics for opto-mechanical surface metrology products in R&D, start-ups and public companies, lead product lifecycle from proof-of-concept to production; specialization in design of experiments, precision sensing of displacements and forces, platform development, optical- and interferometric sub-systems, lighting setups, motion control, innovative mechanical design solutions, algorithms for firmware-, and software; extensive experience in materials characterization through managing the Nano-mechanical laboratory and applications development for 4 product lines, wrote standard operating instructions, travelled and presented on international conferences, held webinars, published research, communicated with clients, coordinated work of cross-functional teams, including outsourced development by vendors, through regular meetings and project progress tracking; proficient in other material analysis methodologies (structural, electronic, thermal properties) as well as as design tools FEA, CAD, Mathematica, Matlab, first principle calculations and misc. self-taught tools; hands-on problem-solving

    physics, characterization, design validation, nanotechnology, physical modeling, materials research, research and development, design of experiments, technical management, leadership, root-cause analysis


    Oversaw three product lines at BRUKER Inc.: NANOHEAD, MICROHEAD, NANOFORCE (click image for more info)


    Strategic development, managing technical projects, sensors (e.g. force, displacement, vision, navigation), device characterization/design validation at device component- and/or at system-level, sensor development, system integration, applications development, reliability engineering,

    New materials characterization, (particular interest in structured, functionalized materials), failure analysis, bulk materials, coatings, elasticity, wear, fatigue, fracture, adhesion, form, finish (parts), appearance, feel, thermal, optical, misc. material types (ceramics, metals, polymers)


    Family, Photography, Motorsports, Finance, Hacking